Frambel Arellano, Employed at Amor Perfecto/Biohexa

Building Momentum, Increasing Impact

Our first coalition of brand partners are working with suppliers hiring Venezuelan refugees in Colombia and Peru. More than 6 million Venezuelans (over 20% of the population) — have been forced to flee their country due to violence, political repression, and economic collapse.

We work with our supplier partners to set yearly hiring goals, and provide the support and tools needed to achieve them. By the end of 2022, over 1,500 refugees were employed by our suppliers - and we’ve only just begun. As we work with more suppliers, in more countries and more brands - creating more products bought by more people - this number will continue to grow!

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Hiring percentages for each supplier will depend on when they are onboarded.
Felipe Flórez Ramos

Our Brand Partners

Our brand partners are making an ongoing impact on refugee lives by doing what they do best - creating products people love, and sourcing the best ingredients from world-class suppliers. Together with their fans and suppliers - we’re creating the momentum to create more job opportunities for refugees.

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