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Wayne Obando, Employed at Amor Perfecto/Biohexa


UNSTUCK partners with brands to create job opportunities for refugees in their global supply chains.


We work with brands to identify existing or potential suppliers in refugee-hosting countries.


We provide suppliers support to hire and integrate refugees into their workforce.


Brands commit to sourcing from these suppliers.


The more brands source from these suppliers, the more job opportunities are created for refugees and locals, strengthening the economies of host communities.

Why Jobs

With conflicts and crises lasting longer than ever—and often never resolved—most refugees face long-term displacement. They are unable to put down roots where they’ve fled to or go back to the places they once called home. Refugees are stuck. Jobs are a solution. A job is an opportunity for those displaced to put down roots. To unlock their potential and support themselves and their families. To contribute to a new community that becomes their own.

Jobs help refugees get UNSTUCK.


  • “Being employed here in Colombia makes me feel that I’m part of something - I’m able to be productive and contribute to society”

    – Deisy Manaure
    Employee at Luker

  • “Social impact is a core part of our purpose and so we seek out partnerships that help the progress of both the company and our community. By partnering with UNSTUCK we can make a significant impact by building a long-term solution for refugees in Peru, that benefits us all.”

    – Nancy Medina Boldt

    Founder and CEO, Mebol

  • “This job has given me stability, it’s given me peace of mind. Now I have the freedom to do things I wasn't able to do before.”

    – Maru Lascano

    Employee at Mebol

  • “Through UNSTUCK we are building on our work to hire from vulnerable communities across Colombia and expanding it to include Venezuelan refugees.”

    – Camilo Romero

    CEO, Luker Chocolate

  • “That’s it. is proud to support UNSTUCK’s model, which allows us to use our sourcing and infrastructure power to create job opportunities for refugees around the world.”

    – Dr. Lior Lewensztain

    That’s it. CEO & Founder

  • “On top of the initiative’s incredible mission, we’re helping set a powerful precedent in the business community. It feels like a no-brainer for everyone involved and we love that shoppers are supporting this initiative when they buy our pops.”

    – Daniel Goetz

    Founder and CEO of GoodPop.

  • “When I first arrived to Colombia, the hardest thing for me was finding a job, a decent job. This job is a dream come true.”

    – Luis Angel Paredes
    Employee at Luker